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Portos do Paraná makes a positive assessment of Intermodal and projects new business opportunities

The stand of the ports of Paraná and its partners received, on average, 800 people per day between Tuesday (15) and Thursday (17). More than 40 partner companies took the opportunity to do new business.

The ports of Paraná ended their participation in the 26th edition of Intermodal South America this Thursday (17). During three days, from March 15th to 17th, at São Paulo Expo, more than 40 partner companies that are part of the Paraná port community took the opportunity to do new business, present their products and services and network at the main fair in the logistics sector in South America.

The CEO of Portos do Paraná, Luiz Fernando Garcia, makes a positive assessment of the business opportunities offered by the international fair. “Our full booth demonstrates how recognized the port community of Paraná is, with customers looking for and closing deals. This demonstrates the importance of our ports not only for the economy of the State, but also for the country”, he explained.

The stand of the ports of Paraná and its partners received, on average, 800 people per day between Tuesday (15) and Thursday (17). With two spaces for meetings, distribution of company gifts, food and entertainment, the place was one of the most sought after by visitors to the exhibition among the 200 national and international brands.

On the first day, Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior participated in the inaugural lecture on rail transport, alongside the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas. “The presence of the State in a fair of this size is important to attract more customers, consequently a greater volume of cargo transport, increasing the generation of jobs, especially on the coast”, he said.

On the second day of the event, the public company’s stand in Paraná received, among other executives, a visit from the mayor of Paranaguá, Marcelo Roque. For him, the fair is important for the port community in Paraná. “This is good for our municipality, it is a sign that more companies will come, employment and income for our people”, he opined.

OPPORTUNITIES – After two years of cancellation due to the pandemic, the 26th edition of the event was held in person and digitally. In the evaluation of the partners, the possibility of being able to interact with several companies in a single event makes the difference to present the competitive differentials to the market.

For Gilberto Birkhan, president of Porto Ponta do Félix, in Antonina, the company’s presence and participation in events of this size help to open up opportunities in the market. “As much as business has not stopped, the ports of Paraná are the great example, record after record being broken, every month. It is important to have face-to-face contact practically in the post-pandemic period,” he said.

The executive’s opinion is shared by Danilo Souza, solutions engineer at Toledo, who says that participation in the international fair in partnership with the ports of Paraná is essential. “Person-to-person contact makes all the difference. We have seen that customers are interacting, bringing new solutions, new business, it is totally different from a videoconference”, he evaluated.

For the business director of Portos do Paraná, Andre Pioli, the moment is also important to bring the port authority closer to entrepreneurs and investors. “It’s an opportunity to listen, dialogue and understand the demands of those who are at the tip, in the operation and in the port services”, he said.


Source: Portos do Paraná



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