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Soy raises record tonnage and export revenue from the Port of Paranaguá in 2020

In the year in which soybean exports were record-breaking, the Port of Paranaguá hit its mark due to the increase in oilseed shipments and closed 2020 as the third national terminal in revenue, US $ 17.27 billion, through this foreign trade route .

Of the 57.3 million tons handled, soy accounted for 14.3 million / t, 27% higher than 2019, with 54% of solid bulk (64% of total cargo). About 80% of the grain is from Paraná, according to the administration of the ports of Paranaguá and Antonina.

Soybean meal was the second product, followed by sugar – with a significant 61% (3.4 million / t) increase over the previous year -, and corn.

On the import side, the terminals in Paraná moved more fertilizers, 9.9 million / t, 7% more than in 2019, which also reinforces the weight of Brazilian harvests, which are highly dependent on this external input.


Source: Money Times



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