Work carried out by the Strategic Planning Management (GPLANES) and managers will guide public company decisions

Portos do Paraná concluded this Wednesday, the 1st, its Strategic Plan for the five-year period 2022-2027 for the Board of Directors (CONSAD) and Executive Board.

It was the conclusion of the Strategic Agenda, which modeled the institutional products that will guide public company decisions for the next few years. The Strategic Planning Management (GPLANES), together with the managers represented by the base, focal and notable groups, worked on the SWOT Matrix, objectives, map and strategic projects, in addition to Business Intelligence (which are the institutional indicators).

“The Strategic Agenda had the objective of delivering institutional products for the organization and this delivery is not an end, quite the contrary, it is the beginning of a new moment where we started to work based on clear and feasible results, indicators and objectives that will be designed in accordance with what the Executive Board has in its understanding together with the Presidency. In addition, the Plan will be made viable in an exclusive version with an institutional character, so that it can serve as a connection with new national and international partnerships”, justifies President Luiz Fernando Garcia.

“The work detailed all the products that will meet the organization’s objectives and these products resulted in a strategic map that aims at what Portos do Paraná aims to achieve for the next five years, as the final result is the Strategic Plan 2022-2027”, explains Honorato Chudson, Strategic Planning Manager.

According to him, to monitor the results of Portos do Paraná, Business Intelligence (BI) will be used with automated indicators and also linked to pre-existing systems such as Appaweb, Senior, Cargaonline, among other tools.

With all the tools prepared and the strategies defined, the plan is submitted for consideration by CONSAD and as of January 1, 2022, it enters into force so that it can be implemented. GPLANES will act through five work fronts: strategic management, data intelligence, risk management, process management and project management. The development of these fronts aims to support senior management in the implementation of projects and strategic actions, in addition to providing support in the evaluation of results through the Strategy Analysis Meetings.

The final result of the plan will be presented, still in December, to the entire staff of Portos do Paraná.


Source: Portos do Paraná