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Efficiency of the Port of Paranaguá sets an example for Suape

The Pernambuco delegation came to see first-hand facilities and integrated systems for port operation

A reference and with national awards, the Port of Paranaguá was chosen by a delegation from the Port of Suape, in Pernambuco, to exchange experiences. The representatives, three from a consulting company and two from the port itself, came to learn more about the structure and operating and governance practices of Portos do Paraná. The objective is to take information and lessons learned to apply in the Pernambuco port operation, located 53 kilometers south of Recife.

“It is always an honor to receive representatives from other ports and our team is always available to welcome everyone in the best possible way, whenever necessary, we are available to show you”, highlighted the Director of Business Development, André Pioli.

For him, Portos do Paraná has stood out and is always sharing its best practices, as well as always seeking innovation. “This information that we exchange with the ports in Brazil is extremely important for everyone’s evolution. We are competitors, but all of them have the potential to grow a lot, looking at foreign trade”, pointed out the director.

According to Thiago Veras, a consultant at Instituto Cesar, the objective was to get to know the Port of Paranaguá to understand how it is automating all the processes, see how the operation works and be able to take the good practices found to Suape.

“We were hired by Suape to build a new TOS (Terminal Operating System) for them and we are doing benchmarking in some ports. We saw that Paranaguá is a reference and we wanted to know it too”, explained Veras, who was accompanied by colleagues Ana Regina and José Augusto (Entrepreneurship Analysts at Cesar) and André Lenon (Innovation Manager) and Pablo Teixeira (IT Coordinator), both from Port of Suape.

During the visit, which took place between Tuesday, the 23rd, and Thursday, the 25th, the delegation was accompanied by Cláudio Dos Santos, Rodrigo Vanhoni and José Carlos Bom, from Information Technology Management), Gilmar Francener, from Operation , and Fernando Russo, from Lease.

“The Port of Paranaguá is quite advanced, the scale at the entrance to the gates where weighing and checking the OCR of the plates was something that surprised us. We also went through Operation, Lease, Technology, and we checked the tools that are used and how they are integrated”, concluded Veras.


Source: Portos do Paraná



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