From January to October, 1,168,103 tons of products passed through the Port of Antonina. The volume already exceeds by 230,103 tons the total handled throughout the year 2020, which was 938 thousand tons. Considering only the ten months of last year, when 715,000 tonnes were handled, the increase registered was 63%.

In another extract, taking into account only the movement of the last month of October – 141,655 tons of cargo, in both directions of foreign trade – the increase registered in comparison with the same 31 days in 2020 (55,205 tons) was 156%.

“The volume handled by the private terminal that operates at the Port of Antonina, this year, from January to October, was only not greater than the volume handled in the closed year of 2016, when it exceeded 1.3 million tons”, says the director- president of Portos do Paraná, Luiz Fernando Garcia.

Considering the last five years, according to Garcia, the total volume of 1,168,103 tons accumulated in the ten months was greater than the annual movement recorded in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Through the Port of Paranaguá, in the last ten months of this year, 47,336,770 tons of cargo were handled. Together, the two ports in Paraná handled 48,504,873 tons of cargo from January to October. Of these, 4,043,841 tonnes in the last month alone.

ANTONINA – The company that operates in the Port of Antonina is TPPF (Porto Ponta do Félix). Through the terminal, the main export products are soy bran (bulk) and sugar in sacks. In imports, the main products continue to be fertilizers.

“In the ten months of this year, however, Antonina handled 172,218 tonnes of other products, in both directions. In exports, we highlight the unprecedented shipments of food made by the terminal. In imports, there was movement of salt, malt, barley and wheat”, says Garcia.

Regarding these latest import products, the CEO of Portos do Paraná highlights the terminal’s recent investments in warehouse infrastructure, with the construction of new silos to receive the products.

“In addition, we continue with investments in maritime infrastructure, mainly with continued maintenance dredging, which guarantees even more movement to the Port of Antonina”, he adds.

SEGMENTS – Of sugar in sacks, through Porto Ponta do Félix, in the last ten months, 220,058 tons were exported (8,404 of which only in the month of October). The volume was 201% greater than the 73,196 tons registered in 2020.

Of fertilizers, this year, 719,972 tonnes were imported (107,247 tonnes in October alone), 85% more than the 388,140 landed last year.

The only product that registered a drop in movement through the Port of Antonina was soy bran. This year, 55,855 tons were exported through the terminal. In 2020, from January to October, there were 253,664 tons.

The complete data for the closing of the period are already available on the Portos do Paraná website – – on the Operational page.


Source: Portos do Paraná