Portos do Paraná submits in December to the Board of Directors (CONSAD) its Strategic Plan for the 2022-2027 five-year period. For this reason, the Strategic Agenda is in full swing, which is shaping the institutional products that should guide public company decisions over the next few years. After the end of the SWOT Matrix analysis, the next step of the Strategic Planning Management (GPLANES) together with the managers of the public company is to focus on the Strategic Objectives, Map and Projects, in addition to BI and Results Agreements.

“The Strategic Agenda aims to deliver institutional products to the organization by the end of the year and this delivery is not an end, quite the contrary, it is the beginning of a new moment where we started to work based on results, indicators and clear objectives and feasible, which will be designed according to what the Executive Board has in its understanding together with the Presidency”, justifies President Luiz Fernando Garcia.

To this end, the Strategic Agenda established a calendar (Roadmap) with December 10 to deliver the Strategic Plan to CONSAD. “The Roadmap details all the products that will be delivered in 2021 and these products will result in a strategic map that aims at what the organization aims to achieve for the next five years, as the final result will be the Strategic Plan 2022-2027”, explains Honorato Chudson , Strategic Planning Manager.

According to him, to monitor the results of Portos do Paraná, Business Intelligence (BI) will be used with automated indicators and also linked to pre-existing systems such as Appaweb, Senior, Cargaonline, among other tools that are still under analysis and may be added .

“BI will have a beta delivery by the end of 2021 with some indicators that have already been created and inserted into this Business Intelligence and the goal in Management for the next year is to help the boards create their own dashboards, in such a way that the end of this, it is possible to converge to a single BI”, warns Honorato.

With all the tools prepared and the strategies defined, the Results Agreements will be carried out. “Result agreements are the signatures of objectives based on the strategic projects identified and mapped by each department. Once the strategic objective is defined, it will be evaluated which strategic projects are converging with the defined goals and which departments are involved in the execution of these projects”, points out President Luiz Fernando.

All of this is under the direction of the Strategic Planning Management. “GPLANES can be understood as an internal consultancy of the organization, it guides and helps all the boards with this purpose, with the objectives, with the indicators, including promoting the Strategy Analysis Meetings – RAE, which will be held between the Chief Executive Officer and all the directors of the organization”, highlights Honorato.


The employee voted and helped Portos do Paraná to build a new Strategic Identity. There were 101 responses to the form sent by GPLANES. In them, the port workers proposed that the public company needs to prioritize Sustainability, Human Intellect, Quality, Safety and Governance. Transparency and port/city relationship were allocated to the strategic map results perspective. The new mission, vision and values ​​proposition was analyzed, adjusted and approved by the Executive Board last Wednesday, the 6th, and will be included in the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan to be presented in December, at the end of the work.

“We reviewed our strategic identity with our Mission, Vision and Values ​​where the entire organization had the opportunity to actively participate by voting, characterizing their preferences and the way they see Portos do Paraná. We already had a previous proposal and we just adapted it to the current moment, thinking about the next few years”, analyzes the Strategic Planning Manager.

New phase

As of this Thursday, the 7th, the Strategic Agenda continues with a greater engagement of Managers. “We are moving on to the Strategic Projects and Actions stage and the Managers will have an extremely important participation in the identification and mapping of these projects”, concludes Honorato.


Source: Portos do Paraná