This Friday (17th), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil released the full Presidential Declaration on Digital Integration in Mercosur. The document was approved during the 59th Summit of Heads of State of the economic bloc, held this morning via videoconference.

In the text, regional leaders point to the key role of governments in the digital transformation, in the expansion of digital services to society, in increasing economic efficiency, social inclusion and promoting people’s access to public information, working from proactively in the development of joint policies aimed at reversing regional inequalities.

Altogether, the declaration contains 17 devices. One of them recognizes “the need to promote the digital presence, with the adoption, dissemination and effective use of advanced digital tools associated with Industry 4.0, to ensure economic development, improve productivity and business competitiveness, entrepreneurship and change structural, with emphasis on micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), as well as the importance of having human resources trained in the area”.

At another point, the document emphasizes “the importance of using emerging technologies, especially the application of artificial intelligence and mobile network technology and connectivity infrastructures, in a convergent and interoperable manner, taking into account aspects of equity, transparency, responsibility, security, privacy and non-discrimination”.

The declaration also mentions the need to stimulate strategies and the development of a digital infrastructure for health, education, research and innovation, “with the proper interoperability of systems and the necessary privacy and information security regulations, for the actors involved in each ecosystem”.

In addition to the Presidential Declaration on Digital Integration, the Mercosur Summit approved two other declarations, one on post-pandemic recovery and the other on cooperation in the area of ​​security and defense.


Source: Agência Brasil