The ports of Paraná had another month of prominence in general cargo handling. In July this year, the Paranaguá and Antonina terminals loaded and unloaded 5,783,348 tons of products. The volume is 13% greater than that registered in the same 31 days of 2020, with 5,118,798 tons.

The increase was observed both in imports and in monthly exports, explains the director-president of Portos do Paraná, Luiz Fernando Garcia. In July, exports totaled 3,553,905 tons – 7% more than the 3,330,290 tons registered in the same month, in 2020.

“In this sense of trade, the highlights were the highs registered in the shipment of soy, sugar, vegetable oils, general cargo, especially containers, and cellulose”, highlights Garcia.

Last month’s imports totaled 2,229,443 tonnes, a volume 24.7% higher than the 1,788,508 tonnes imported in July last year. “Among imports, there was an increase in fertilizers, general cargo, mainly containers, wheat, malt and barley. The volume of imported vegetable oil also increased this increase”, he adds.

CONTAINER – On the 31st of July, 45,582 containers (20 and 40 feet units) were handled through the Paranaguá Container Terminal (TCP). The amount is almost 5.5% higher than the 43,224 units loaded and unloaded in 2020, in the same month.

In terms of exports, in July this year there were 22,724 units of containers shipped – almost 7.9% more than the 21,063 units in the same period last year. Imported, there were 22,858 units of containers last month, while in July 2020 there were 22,161 units.

ANTONINA – At the Port of Antonina, the private terminal (TPPF) handled 209,778 tons of cargo last July. The volume registered this year is 130% greater than the 91,147 tons of cargo handled in the same 31 days last year.

Exports of non-transgenic soy meal through the terminal registered an increase of around 7%, comparing the 22,242 tons shipped in July this year with the 20,734 tons in July last year.

There were no sugar shipments for export in July in Antonina. However, 17,741 tons of various foodstuffs, such as flour, rice and beans, were shipped to Venezuela.

Regarding imports, the volume of fertilizers landed in the month at TPPF registered an increase of 264%. There were 137,748 tons this year, against 37,843 in July 2020.

In addition to fertilizers, the Port of Antonina imported 16,892 tonnes of salt and another 15,154 tonnes of wheat last month, products that did not pass through the terminal in the same period last year.

Check the monthly movement of the main products:

General cargo handling grows 13% in July at the Ports of Paraná


Source: Portos do Paraná