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Export of soybeans in the country gains pace, says Secex

On average, 495.7 thousand tons of grain were exported per day in the first three weeks of the month, 53 thousand more than in the first fortnight

Brazil’s soybean export in April to the third week reached 495.7 thousand tons a day on average, compared to 442.7 thousand tons in the first two weeks of the month, according to data from the Secretariat of Foreign Trade (Secex) released in this Monday.
Despite the increase in the daily average, shipments are still below the 579.6 thousand tons per day recorded in April last year.

As more soya from the record harvest reaches ports, shipments in the first 15 working days of April are faster than the total seen in March (419.7 thousand tons).

In the first three weeks of the month, the world’s largest soybean exporter shipped 7.4 million tonnes, down from 8.81 million in the whole month of March and 10.43 million in April 2017.

In April last year, Brazilian shipments of soybeans were voluminous, losing only to the historical record of May last year of 10.96 million tons.

Brazilian exports this year are expected to reach more than 70 million tonnes, according to consultants, ahead of a record harvest of almost 120 million tonnes, according to analysts.

In addition to the record harvest, Brazilian exports have benefited from a trade dispute between the United States and China, the world’s largest importer of oilseeds.

Brazil still has to take up space left by Argentina, whose harvest has suffered a severe reduction due to the prolonged drought.


Source: Exame



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