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Container cargo records 6% increase in the Port of Paranaguá

The volume of cargo imported and exported in containers in 2020, by TCP, in the Port of Paranaguá, increased 6% in relation to 2019. There were 8,541,091 tons, 508,664 tons more than in the previous year. Containerized products represent 14.9% of the general handling of Paraná’s ports.

“The movement in Paraná went against ports around the world. Even with the effects of the pandemic, which hindered the flow of containers transported in Asia and Europe, the Port of Paranaguá registered an increase, both in volume and in units of containers ”, says the CEO of Portos do Paraná, Luiz Fernando Garcia .

In specific container units, equivalent to a 20-foot container (TEUs), the increase registered was 5%. In 2020, there were 906,504 TEUs. In 2019, 867,185 TEUs.

According to Garcia, the strong demand for food in the world contributed to the increase in container loads, as the Port of Paranaguá remains the largest chicken exporter in Brazil. In 2020, 1,805,011 tons of poultry meat were exported. The frozen product is the most moved in containers by the Paraná terminal.

PRODUCTS – They are also among the main products that arrive or leave through the container terminal at the Port of Paranaguá, leased and operated by the company TCP, wood, paper, cellulose and beef, for export; and import fertilizers.

Of wood, 905,294 tons were exported in 2020. The volume represents an increase of 3.67% in relation to the 873,227 tons registered in 2019.

Paper exported in containers totaled 407,290 tons. The increase was 15.78%, compared to 351,792 tons in the previous year. The increase observed in pulp exports was even greater when comparing the last two years: 30.4%. In 2020, 373,981 tons; in 2019, 286,720 tons.

Exports of frozen beef in 2020 amounted to 348,356 tons. Compared to 280,276 tons in 2019, the increase recorded was 24.29%.

IMPORTS – Among imports, the main highlight is the volume of fertilizers imported in containers through the Port of Paranaguá. 526,085 tons were imported in 2020 – 34.63% more than in 2019 – with 390,769 tons.

SHIPS – According to the DataLiner registry, the number of container ship calls at the terminal in Paraná is also higher, in the comparison between the last two years: it went from 771 (2019) to 796 (2020). The increase is 3%. The Port of Paranaguá is among the only five in Brazil to register growth in the segment’s moorings.

* Check, here in the table, the products that most arrived and left, in containers, in 2020.


Source: Portos do Paraná



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