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Agriculture predicts a 38% increase in the grain harvest, estimated at 46.85 million tons

The 2022/2023 grain harvest in Paraná is estimated at 46.85 million tons in an area of 10.84 million hectares, according to the Department of Rural Economy (Deral), the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Supply (Seab ). The data are in the Subjective Crop Forecast, released this Thursday (25), and represent a 1% reduction in area and a 38% increase in volume compared to the 2021/2022 harvest.

According to the head of the Deral, Marcelo Garrido, the new assessment readjusts some numbers of the Paraná harvest due to the climatic adversities of the last few weeks, mainly the lack of rain. “Still, the estimate shows good performance in the field in general”, he says. Among the highlights is the soybean production, of 22.34 million tons.

The first corn crop adds up to almost 4 million tons, and the second crop has estimates of over 14 million tons. There are also good perspectives for the production of winter cereals, which, together, may result in 5.5 million tons. Due to the weather, the second bean crop had a negative readjustment. In this month’s report, 553.5 million tons are forecast, a volume 1% lower than in the previous harvest, in an area of 299.1 thousand hectares, 12% smaller.

Rural producers have faced lower prices for most crops in recent months. According to the state secretary for Agriculture and Supply, Norberto Ortigara, this is due to the large supply of grains in the national and international harvests, in addition to the appreciation of the real against the dollar.

“But the news is that, despite the absence of rain, which compromised part of the producer’s effort, the harvest remains great, promising a great performance in the rural economy of Paraná, with the possibility of continuing to process these grains to add value. “, it says.

SOYBEAN – This week, the soybean harvest was completed on the 5.78 million cultivated hectares, and the producer now focuses on selling the oilseed. As with other crops, prices dropped. While, in the same period of 2022, producers received BRL 178.00 per 60 kg bag, in the last week the average amount was BRL 122.00 – 31% less.

Around 43% of the 22.3 million tons harvest was sold, a rate below the pace of previous harvests, which, on average, already exceeded 65% at this stage, according to Deral analyst Edmar Gervásio.

CORN – The harvest of the first corn crop reached 98% of the 385.3 thousand hectares planted. According to Gervásio, productivity is 9,934 kg per hectare, considered optimal. A volume of 3.83 million tons is estimated, 1.7% above initial estimates, and 29% higher compared to the 2021/2022 harvest. In the last week, corn producers received, on average, R$ 43.00 per 60kg bag, 46% less than what they received in the same period last year, R$ 80.00, on average.

The planting of the second crop has already been completed and, in Deral’s analysis, good development and good prospects for production are observed, even if the weather conditions, with low rainfall, are worrying farmers. The expectation is that 14.13 million tons will be produced in an area of 2.43 million hectares, which indicates an increase of 6% in volume and a reduction of 11% in area compared to the 2021/2022 harvest.

BEANS – This week, the harvest of the second crop of beans reached 26% of the area of 299 thousand hectares. The lack of rain can compromise productivity, especially in areas that are in the flowering (8%) and fruiting (42%) stages. “However, up to the present moment, the beans harvested are considered of good quality”, explains the economist at Deral Methodio Groxko. A production of 553.5 thousand tons of the product is foreseen.

In the last week, the average price received by the producer was R$ 286.00 per 60 kg bag for colored beans and R$ 198.00 per 60 kg bag for black beans. Both types are showing price drops compared to the average for the month of April 2023, with a 21% reduction for both. According to the economist, the reduction is justified by the wide supply of grain in other states, in addition to the drop in bean consumption nationwide.

WHEAT – It is estimated the production of 4.55 million tons of wheat in 1.38 million hectares in the 2022/2023 harvest, according to Deral. This area is 13% higher than in the 2021/2022 cycle, and production is 33% higher than the volume harvested in the previous harvest. About 58% of the estimated area is planted. Triticulturists received, on average, R$ 66.00 per 60 kg bag in the last week. In the same period last year, the value was R$ 98.00, a reduction of almost 33%.

CASSAVA – The lack of rain also adversely affected the cassava harvest. Around 40% of the estimated area of 135.2 thousand hectares has been harvested. Production for the 2022/2023 harvest should reach approximately 3.22 million tons, 17% more than in the previous cycle. The area is 10% larger. As for prices, there was no significant change in the last year. According to Groxko, producers received, on average, R$ 760.00 per ton of cassava put in the industry in the last week, while last year, the average value was R$ 756.00.

OLERICULTURE – The Deral report also presents the initial estimates of the onion crop in Paraná for the 2023/2024 cycle. It is estimated that the crop occupies an area of 3.1 thousand hectares, 4.5% smaller than that registered in the 2022/2023 harvest, when onion occupied 3.2 thousand hectares. About 15% of the area is planted. The expected production is 105.8 thousand tons, 1.5% below the 107.4 thousand tons harvested in the 2022/2023 harvest, according to agronomist Paulo Andrade. The potato crop has approximately 98% of the area of 10.9 thousand hectares planted, while 38% is harvested.

The first tomato crop of the 2022/2023 cycle has 98% of the 2.4 thousand hectares harvested and a volume of 145.1 thousand tons is expected. Marketing is advanced, and only 1.7% of the product is still with farmers. In the second harvest, 36% of 1,600 hectares are harvested, and 5% of the area is still waiting for sowing. Production is estimated at 95.8 thousand tons, 4% more than in the previous harvest. “With the absence of rain, the plantings evolved only 4% in the last month, however the crops are still showing good development”, explains the agronomist.

AGRICULTURAL BULLETIN – The Deral also released this Thursday another Agricultural Conjuncture Bulletin. In addition to analyzing the main grains produced in the State and horticulture, the text provides information on beef cattle, honey exports and mushroom production.


Source: Agência de Notícias do Paraná



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