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Paraná ports are featured in national logistics forum

Portos do Paraná’s initiatives for sustainable development were highlighted on the first day of the National Forum for Logistics and Port Infrastructure – Brasil Export, held this Wednesday (19th) in Brasília.

The public company presented the advances of the Degraded Areas Recovery Program, the plans for the implementation of a biodigester plant of organic resources and the environmental programs that place the Port of Paranaguá as a world reference in sustainability. The event continues until Thursday (20).

“Paraná has invested in unprecedented models to reduce the negative impacts of port activity on the ecosystem and on the communities in which we operate. Our projects are based on the principle that the port should be the driving force behind the development of the region, improving the lives of residents and creating a development cycle that is effectively sustainable”, said João Paulo Ribeiro Santana.

The panel “Sustainability Actions and Green Technologies Adopted by Public Ports” also had the participation of the president Porto de Suape (PE), Carlos Cavalcantti; the president of the Port of Itaqui (MA), Ted Lago; and the president of Codeba – Companhia das Docas do Estado da Bahia, Carlos Autran. On the agenda, the preservation of local fauna and flora, changes in the energy matrix and incentive to sustainability as a pillar to increase the efficiency of port operations.

RECOGNITION – “Ports play a fundamental role in a collective movement of transformation. This change in behavior, with concrete actions that are already taking place, shows that the port authorities have already realized this and Paraná has been leading this moment”, highlighted João Amaral, president of the ESG Council of Brasil Export and general director of the Voz dos Oceanos project. .

In November, Paraná participates for the third time in the Climate Conference, organized by the United Nations (UN), in Egypt. The ports of the State are the only ones in the world invited to speak at the event, as well as Madrid (COP-25) and Glasgow (COP-26).

INNOVATION – At the national forum, Paraná was also remembered as an example in innovation and technology. Highlight for the technical cooperation agreement signed by the State’s ports with Fundación ValenciaPort, from Spain, for the implementation of new port operations management systems and integration of the entire logistics chain.

The advances in the construction of the PCS (Port Community System) were mentioned in the panel “Technologies incorporated into the governance of port authorities: modernization of the management of public ports through technology”.

DISCUSSIONS – The Brasil Export Forum is a permanent, multisectoral space, aimed at dialogue between the different agents involved in port and logistics operations, inside and outside Brazil.

Regional stages took place throughout the year, with an emphasis on issues relevant to the segment: carrying out international missions, creating councils aimed at greater inclusion of women in the sector and to highlight relevant actions related to technology, the environment, social and to governance (ESG).


Source: Portos do Paraná



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