The ports of Paraná have already handled 39,253,267 tons of cargo. Pulled mainly by the high in imports, the accumulated volume from January to August this year is 2% higher than registered in the same period last year, with 38,672,584 tons.

“The landing of fertilizers, our main import product, remains heated”, says the CEO of Portos do Paraná, Luiz Fernando Garcia.

According to Garcia, records were registered in monthly movements in June and July, in a row, with more than one million tons of fertilizer imported by the ports of Paraná. “Now in August we didn’t have a record, there were 903,864 tons, but, still, it was 3% higher than in the same month of 2020, with 881,791 tons”, he highlights.

In the accumulated result for the eight months, 7,282,981 tons of fertilizer were imported by the Paranaguá and Antonina terminals. The volume is 16% greater than the 6,301,194 tons unloaded in the period, in 2020.

Fertilizers represent almost 46% of everything imported by the ports of Paraná from January to August this year: 15,845,192 tons of products from the various segments.

The accumulated import volume in the eight months is 20% greater than the 13,207,127 tons registered in this sense of international trade, in the same period last year.

HIGHLIGHTS – Among import products, general cargo, with an increase of 35% in the period; malt and barley (+ 27%); methanol (+13%); wheat (+8%); and vegetable oils (+146%).

Considering both directions, import and export, the movement of vehicles and containers stand out with increases of 27% and 3%, respectively. Of vehicles, 60,548 units were shipped and unloaded this year and 47,652 in 2020, from January to August.

In containers, 625,393 TEUs (units equivalent to a 20-foot container) were handled in the last eight months, against 604,787 TEUs last year.

Considering only exports, there was an increase in volumes loaded with sugar (+13%); vegetable oils (+7%); cellulose (+6%); and general cargo (+3%).

In total accumulated exports, there was a drop of 8% compared to the 2020 period, mainly due to the behavior of agricultural commodities in the foreign market.

From January to August this year, 23,408,075 tons were exported through Paraná terminals. In the same period last year, 25,465,457 tons.

Check the summary by merchandise in the table:


Source: Portos do Paraná