The rainwater drainage system of the port strip and the vertical public silo at the Port of Paranaguá was completely readjusted. With an investment of just over R$15.4 million by Portos do Paraná, the work was carried out in five lots, with a total area of ​​almost 375,000 square meters. It is nearing completion.

Over time, as Luiz Teixeira da Silva Júnior, Director of Operations of the public company, explains, the port expanded, new structural works were built and, at each project, the drainage infrastructure was being implemented, often independently of the existing one.

“These discontinuities caused several inconveniences in the loading and unloading operations in the port area, mainly due to the excessive accumulation of water in various points of the circulation routes”, he comments.

Also according to Teixeira, with the execution of the drainage work, the port of Paranaguá will have a fully interconnected system, in accordance with sanitary and environmental standards.

“This gives total conditions for the circulation of vehicles and people, who pass through the port area, making the operation take place in an even more productive and efficient manner”, completes the director.

SERVICES – According to the Engineering and Maintenance Department of Portos do Paraná, the rainwater drainage system was adapted and recovered using organic matter retention mechanisms, minimizing the load that ends up in the galleries.

First, the reinforced concrete and sidewalks were demolished, with the removal of the curbs. The rainwater drainage network was redone, with the excavation and shoring of the ditches.

Subsequently, the high-strength concrete pavements were redone; the structured PVC piping was implemented, as well as the connection boxes, micro-drainage, solid retention boxes and water and oil separator boxes.

“In addition to reinforcing the structure, which was already worn out and obsolete, the work was also designed from the point of view of protecting the environment, with new retention materials installed”, comments the director, André Cassanti Neto.


Source: Portos do Paraná