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Governor highlights importance of Ports of Paraná in international fair

Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Júnior was on Tuesday (19) at Intermodal South America 2019, the largest fair in the logistics and foreign trade sector of Latin America, where the State is present with a stand of the Ports of Paraná. The event, in São Paulo, brings together 400 exhibitors from 22 different countries.

Ratinho Junior highlighted the importance of the terminals of Paraná for the state economy and emphasized that the Port of Paranaguá is a reference in the country and has the recognition of the sector. “Paranaguá is already the most modern in Brazil and South America. Now, it needs to seek more investments in export and import. This leaves money on our coast, moves the economy and helps agricultural production, “he said.

According to the governor, in the coming years Paraná will make investments in infrastructure capable of further expanding the business capacity of the ports. “We are well positioned in the productive market of the country. Now we need to create an attractive environment and lower operating costs. We have to make sustainable infrastructure projects and the world already has the technology available for that, “he said.

NEW PORTS – Ratinho Junior also pointed out that Litoral has the opportunity to receive more ports in the coming years, which will potentialize the main local “industry”. “We are already working with the private initiative on three suggestions: a port in Pontal do Paraná and two more ports in Paranaguá,” he added.

The governor also cited the restructuring of the port terminals brand, which is now Portos do Paraná. According to Ratinho Júnior, the change indicates the concern in improving the strategic positioning of this operation in the world. “We have changed the nomenclature to make it clearer to the world where our ports are. The idea is to make the ports the great levers of development in Paraná, “he concluded.

CHALLENGES – The president of Paraná Ports, Luiz Fernando Garcia da Silva, stressed that the challenges of the coming years will be to expand the production chain with lower logistics costs. Currently, the ports of Paranaguá and Antonina move more than 50 million tons of products, mostly solid bulk (36 million).

“The governor’s proposal is very bold. All our investments are based on the highest efficiency of the process. Our challenge is to provide better access, storage and shipping conditions, with new remodeling projects, mooring berths, “he said.

About participation in the fair, Garcia stressed that the environment is important to “understand which way the world is following”. The booth also allows companies operating in ports to present their projects. “Here is a great place for business. It is important also for entrepreneurs. The Port of Paraná booth is different because it brought together entrepreneurs, the companies that work in Paranaguá. Here they can close new deals. We bring together the public and private entities in this space, “he said.

INFRASTRUCTURE – Infrastructure and Logistics Secretary Sandro Alex said that participation in Intermodal shows investors that Paraná is ready for a new cycle of investments. “The Port of Paranaguá is part of this great project. We started the year with our eyes on the ports with intensive work with the federal government. To ensure full expansion it is necessary that the infrastructure is prepared for the port to reach 80 million tons per year, “he said.

Alex also mentioned that the governor will soon announce the largest package of executive projects in the history of Paraná. “Many projects are dedicated to Paranaguá and surroundings so that the logistics operation can enable the growth of ports. There is also the possibility of the Port of Paranaguá to enable the improvement of the life of the people of the Coast. We will announce a great executive project to pride the city of Paranaguá, “he said.

The secretary further stressed that Paraná was the first state to ask the federal government to delegate management competence. The transfer will allow Porto to manage all bid planning, in coordination with the Union, with more agility and lower logistics costs.

IMPORTANCE – Paranaguá is the first port in the country to export vegetable oil and chicken and the first to import fertilizers – with the best average operating board for shipment of products, among Brazilian Ports: 299 tons / hour.

In terms of exports, the port of Paranaguá is the second in Brazil. In 2018, it was $ 18 billion. Last year, the terminal had a surplus of more than US $ 3.5 billion and generated US $ 32.4 billion in Trade Chain, according to the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC).

Together, the ports of Paraná have a total area of ​​4,129,801.3 square meters and more than 5.3 kilometers of wharves and piers, distributed in 24 cots: 16 in the commercial dock of Paranaguá, 4 cribs in 2 liquid piers, 2 berths on 1 pier of fertilizer and 2 berths in Antonina.

The port of Paranaguá, the main port of Paraná, is the third in Brazil in terms of volume of general traffic – behind only Santos, in São Paulo (with the largest total area and quay) and Itaguaí, in Rio de Janeiro, iron ore, a product with weight but low added value).

INTERMODAL – Intermodal is the main fair on logistics, cargo transportation and foreign trade on the continent. It gathers more than 400 exhibitors from 22 different countries in a total area of ​​29 thousand square meters.

PARTICIPATIONS – The Secretary of Planning and Structural Projects, Valdemar Costa, and the President of Ferroeste, André Luís Gonçalves, were present at the fair.

Source: APPA – Administração dos Portos de Paranaguá e Antonina



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