Areas of Expertise


The Marcon group has a port terminal, located 4 km from the port of Paranaguá destined to move goods for Export and Import, and the same REDEX (Special Precinct for Customs Clearance).

REDEX’s main objective is to improve logistics performance by giving the Export process agility and reducing operating costs. This facility occurs because the merchandise is released by the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service inside the Marcon terminal itself.

In figures it represents approximately a 30% reduction in logistical costs, especially in processes of special characteristics or parameterization in red channel.

The company has certifications that meets all the necessary requirements for the storage of controlled cargoes and chemical products such as; Cr Army, Civil Police, Federal Police, Environmental Permits.


  • Storage of 20,000 m² with 8,000 m² of warehouse.
  • Electronic Road Balance for 100 tons;
  • CCTV and OCR security system with 24-hour surveillance;
  • Access control of people and vehicles, computerized;
  • Computerized inventory control system approved by RFB.