Areas of Expertise


The importation of fertilizers into containers, packed in big bags, is now a reality in Paranaguá, and it has been presented as a new modal in the importation of fertilizers and inputs by the Brazilian ports. The movement has been increasing gradually in the last years, aiming to reduce the costs of demurrage and waiting for mooring of the ship, when operated in bulk carriers.

The Marcon Group has been operating for many years in the segment of fertilizer storage and agricultural inputs, and in order to meet the logistical demands of fertilizer imports, it has also restructured to meet the unstuffing of containers with fertilizers in big bags.

Marcon counts on experienced, trained and dedicated professionals, acting exclusively in this segment with all the range of necessary equipment, acting in the reception, disunitization, storage, loading of fertilizers in bulk, big bags and small bags (weight around 50 kilos) .

Marcon is in charge on container’s logistics and transfer after the operation of unloading of the units in the courtyard of the TCP, and release by the Federal Revenue, to its strategically located warehouses / terminals, where we do the unstuffing and handling of the containers.

After unstuffing the containers, they are loaded empty on the trucks contracted by the recipient and delivered to the depot of the shipowner.

We have:

  • Road balance, for weighing containers at the entrance and exit of the terminals, guaranteeing our customers total security in the movement of their merchandise.
  • Mobile scale for individual checking of big bags and / or bagging.

Our units operate on 24 hour surveillance and telemonitoring, which ensures total security of the goods stored with us.