Areas of Expertise


The repercussions of the introduction of the container in the transport of loads are underway until the present day, even in the case of an innovation of the early twentieth century. Cargoes traditionally framed in the categories of general cargo, trailers, projects, and even bulk, today find in the container a means of transport competitive and of global reach.

Marcon Port Logistics, in line with its principle of offering modern solutions to its customers, has accompanied the cargo migration to the container and currently has fully adapted structures for the storage of containers with a wide variety of cargoes.


  • 03 different operating units for cross-docking and storage.
  • Storage capacity of more than 400 TEUs.
  • 02 units with railway bypass to receive cargo.
  • Reach-stacker and 3.5t to 7,0t forklift trucks equipped with forks and clamps.

Types of loads for stuffing

  • Forest products
  • Steel products
  • Pelletized, loose, unified, frozen and refrigerated cargo.
  • Agricultural and industrial equipment
  • Small and medium rolling.
  • Bagged sugar, bagged in general and cash registers.
  • Bulk.

Unstuffing loads

  • Fertilizer in Big Bags.
  • Raw Material for Agricultural Defenses.
  • Isotanks.