Areas of Expertise

Bulk Operation

Reinforcing the scope of services for Port Logistics, Marcon provides its customers with personnel and infrastructure for the operation of various bulk cargoes. For the bulk port operation, in addition to the back office of the Customs Brokerage and customers clearance Division, Marcon offers the following services:

  • Operational coordination between ships and terminals.
  • Weight control and loading / unloading flow.
  • Sampling and analysis of loads (upon specific request of the customer).
  • Analysis and execution of load plans.
  • Preparation of conference notes.
  • Elaboration of operational reports with photographic record.
  • Assistance for responses to protest letters.
  • Detailed online information regarding operations.
  • Preparation of loading plans after loading.
  • Control and coordination of land transport.

Specifically on bulk logistics, the following services are offered:

  • Receiving trucks, weighing and unloading.
  • Transshipment of cargo in bulk and bagged in regular bags or big-bags, from truck to railway wagons.
  • Loading of railway wagons, weighing and diversion maneuver.
  • Bagging and re-bagging of bulk, fertilizer, sugar, etc.
  • Port Operations of Loading and Unloading
  • Customs clearance

Marcon offers its own structure operation, as well as via Public Silo of the Port of Paranaguá.

Next, we make available the location and technical specifications of our units.

Paranagua unit

Bulk warehouse with flat bottom to storage bulk with total capacity of 22.000 tons .

Storage hopper with discharge capacity of 4.000 tons a day

  • Security Control
  • 01 Electronic (road weighing scale capacity for 80 tons).

Maringa Unit

  • 01 “V” shaped  warehouse for storing up to 3 different types of grains and sugars. Total capacity of 38,000 tons.
  • 01 Flat bottom warehouse for up to 10,000 tons of bagged products (bags, big-bags, etc.)
  • Rail diversion for 40 wagons.
  • 06 road tanks, each with 150 tons of static capacity.
  • Capacity to unload up to 4,000 tons / day from trucks
  • Security Control
  • 01 Electronic weighing road (capacity for 100 tons).
  • 02 rail weighing  (capacity for 100 tonnes each).