Areas of Expertise

Bagged Sugar

Port logistics for bagging, especially sugar, has been part of Marcon’s history since 1991. With the constant goal of modernization in 2007, Marcon started constructing the TEAPAR – Port Terminal of Paranagua S.A ., today the terminal is beyond a reality an important venture that counts as a partner a very important group of the sugar and alcohol industry in Brazil and in Europe the group Tereos Sugar and Energia Brasil S.A.

Through a strategic partnership with Sulterminais Armazéns Gerais, TEAPAR offers the most complete and integrated port logistics for sugar bagged in the Port of Paranagua:

  • Rail Receiving  in two retro-area operating units, with discharge capacity of 18 wagons per 6-hour shift.
  • Road Receiving in 5 different operating units.
  • Total back-area storage capacity greater than 80 thousand tons.
  • Mechanized and / or conventional lifting.

TEAPAR’s Infrastructure

Mechanized lifting / Shiploader:

  • Warehouses 6AB, in the primary port range, as the shiploader’s power point with a capacity of 18 thousand tons.
  • 450 meters of conveyor belts and raised galleries.
  • CNGL 3000/1000 Machined Loader, with capacity for 3,000 bags per hour, equivalent to 3,600 tons / day.
  • Loading of vessels with capacity up to 60,000 dwt.
  • Draft of 33 feet / 10.05 meters (without floating spacers).
  • Mobility of  Port side of 160 meters.
  • Operating boom with a range of 23.4 m (reference sea-side rail).
  • Spiral kick with 13m in length and 3m telescopicity.
  • Swivel head feeder in 360º.
  • Air draft of 16.5 meters.