Marcon Port Logistics

Marcon started its operations on Paranagua Port in 1964, by its founder Mr Mario Pinto do Nascimento, when its main activity was customs cargo clearance. some years after its foundation Marcon became maritime agent an activity that proved to be the fundamental link between the shipowner and the country with which the cargo shipping services were established. These experiences, combined over decades, have enabled Marcon to expand its range of services, becoming a complete company within Port Logistics.

Currently, Marcon continuously develops activities of Maritime Agency, Commissary of Offices, General Warehouses and Port Operator, that gives the company a wide scope of service within the Port Logistics for bagged and boxed products, forest products, steel, agricultural and industrial equipment, special projects, general cargo, containers, light and heavy vehicles, warehousing operations and loading and unloading of bulk cargoes.

With its headquarters located in the Manhattan Building, Marcon maintains and reinforces day by day the principles of commitment to the client, ethics, quality and efficiency in service delivery, principles that are also aligned with the feeling of partnership with the port community.

We are pleased to present you our services and our commitment to you, our customer.

Welcome to Marcon Port Logistics.