The Port of Paranaguá reaches the age of 85, celebrated on Tuesday, March 17, as the most efficient in Brazil. It is a leader in the export of vegetable oil and frozen chicken, has the largest container handling capacity in the country, occupies the first place in fertilizer imports. It is the second Brazilian port in the export of soy, bran, sugar, paper, meat, alcohol and vehicles. In addition, it is also a benchmark in environmental performance.

“Paraná would not be this modern state, with an agricultural vocation and economic potential, if we did not have the strength of the Port of Paranaguá”, says Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior. “We are working to transform Paraná into a South American logistics hub, with the new Integration Ring, more railways and air connections. And the Port of Paranaguá will play a decisive role in this chain. It is the entrance door for inputs that come from outside and the exit door for all industrial and agribusiness transformation ”, highlights the governor.

For him, the future must be a lot of work. “The global market maintained confidence in terminals in Paraná and in our agribusiness, even with an unstable international scenario. Our indicators grew in 2019, in industry, commerce, job creation and exports, and we want to make further progress ”, he said.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Freitas, considers Paranaguá essential for the development of Brazil. “The port has shown expressive results, with more than 53 million tons handled last year. It is a port that has been breaking records, attracting investments. This year will be no different. Paranaguá is already prepared for a super-harvest, with important investments for shipment of cellulose and vehicles. It will receive improvements in road and rail access and has the vocation to be, as it already is, one of the largest ports in the country ”.

CAMPAIGN – To commemorate the date, the public company Portos do Paraná launches a campaign that shows the importance of port activity for the country. The materials, produced in conjunction with the State Secretariat for Social Communication and Culture, will be disseminated in videos, radio spots, websites, newspapers and magazines. In addition, an internal campaign thanks the employees and workers who are part of the story.

“The message is one of thanks to those who helped build this evolution. The State of Paraná owes much to development, industrialization, job and income generation, to the port of Paranaguá ”, reinforces the state secretary for Infrastructure and Logistics, Sandro Alex.

INDUCTOR – According to the president of Portos do Paraná, Luiz Fernando Garcia Silva, the challenge is to maintain the port of Paranaguá as an inducer of regional development. “We want to generate value, not only in the movement of cargo, but in the lives of people who are directly or indirectly impacted by port activity”, he reveals.

“As a public company, our values ​​are geared towards a state that is in constant movement, while thinking about the people and the world that we want to leave for future generations”, he adds.

Source: Portos do Paraná